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Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have to shoot a Glock Pistol?
A: No, you may shoot any brand centerfire semi auto pistol or centerfire revolver.
What type of holster is needed?
A: A holster is not necessary for this match. You will not be required to "draw" from a holster. Please just keep your firearms stored in their case or range bag, do not bring holsters to the range.
How much ammo do I need to bring?
A: You will need about 120 rounds for each firearm you plan to shoot. It is recommended you have 150 rounds just in case of an equipment/target failure in which you would need to reshoot a stage. (Single Stacks and Revolvers will only need about 75 rounds)
How many guns can I enter?
A: You may enter two guns in the competition (or you may shoot the same gun twice). In the past we have allowed up to four entries, but starting with the 2012 season, we are limiting it to 2 entries to keep the match running smoothly.
What else do I need to bring?
A: It is recommended that you bring a folding chair or something to sit on. Check the weather for that day and come prepared (ie: poncho in case it rains, umbrella to shade you from the sun, etc...)
Can Kids shoot in the match?
A: Yes, as long as they can hold on to the gun and safely handle it, they can shoot. So far our youngest shooter has been 8. Youth under 18 shoot at a reduced price of only $5 per gun.
Do I need to be there at 8am to sign up?
A:  No, competitors will shoot in the order they sign up, so the sooner you sign up, the less you have to wait. As long as the match is still going, we will still sign people up throughout the morning until 12 noon. We will start shooting at 8am.
Will using aftermarket sights put me in the Master/Unlimited Class?
A: Only if they are ghost ring, scopes, red dot or competition type sights. If you are using standard "post and notch" type sights (night sights included) you can shoot in the Amateur/Stock class.
Is there a limit on magazine capacity?
A: You may only load 11 rounds for each string of fire. (7 in Single Stack, 6 in Revolver) Yes you can use a 15 round mag, however you will only load 11 in it. Taking extra shots will earn you penalties. Guns that hold less than 10 rounds should be shot in the single stack division.