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  • Matches are open to members and non-members of the Lincoln Ikes.
  • There are FOUR Classes:
    • Stock/Amateur class- Open to anyone shooting a stock, out-of-the box gun with only factory parts. Aftermarket sights/night sights are acceptable as long as they are the "post & notch" type sights. Fiber Optic sights are also acceptable.
    • Master/Unlimited class- Anyone shooting firearms with  modifications, optical sights, or guns with any custom work must be shot in this class. Also anyone who wins 1st place (3) times in the Stock/Amateur class must move up and shoot in the Master/Unlimited class. Anyone ranked "Master class" or above by USPSA, IDPA or GSSF must shoot in this class.
    • Subcompact / Singlestack class- This is for guns that will be loaded with a maximum of 7 rounds (6 in the mag, one in the chamber). Only 1 shot will be fired at each paper target per string of fire
    • Revolver class- This is for centerfire revolvers that will be loaded with a maximum of 6 rounds. Only 1 shot will be fired at each paper target per string of fire


  • COST: $10 for the 1st gun       $5 for a second entry  

          Youth under 18 will cost $5 per gun




  • The range is a COLD range. Nobody, including law enforcement personnel will be permitted to carry a loaded firearm.
  • All participants and spectators are required to wear hearing and eye protection at all times the range is designated as “hot”.
  • Firearms are only to be loaded up at the stage when commanded to do so by the Range Officer.
  • Firearms must always be pointed "down range" in a safe direction.
  • You must keep your finger outside of the trigger guard/off the trigger until your firearm is on target.
  • All firearms must be stored in a suitable bag or box with the magazine removed and the hammer down.
  • There will be a designated “safe area”, which will be the only place other than up at the stage where firearms may be handled. There is to be absolutely no ammunition in the safe area. (Ammunition magazines may be loaded anywhere else at the range).
  • Anyone violating the safety rules may be asked to leave, will be disqualified from the match, and will NOT receive a refund.


  • When directed by the Range Officer, you will remove your firearm from its holster/bag and you make take a site picture with an unloaded firearm.
  • You may load your firearm once directed to do so by the Range Officer.
  • Firearm may be loaded with a maximum of 11 rounds for each string of fire (7 in single stack class, 6 in Revolver). No reloading during a string of fire, if you run out of ammo, your string is complete and scored as is.
  • You will be asked by the Range Officer if you are Ready. Once you give them a verbal "ready" they will advise you to "standby" until the timer beeps. The starting position is, elbows againsts your ribcage and the muzzle parallel to the ground or below. Once the timer beeps, you may raise your firearm and engage the targets.
  • You may keep your firearm "hot" in between each of the strings you fire at the stage.
  • Once you have completed all strings of fire at the stage, you will unload your firearm, SHOW A CLEAR CHAMBER to the Range officer, and you will be instructed to close the slide, dryfire the gun and holster/or/bag the firearm.


  • Due to the wide variety of firearms being used, as well as different factory and handloaded ammunition... There will be no Re-Shoots granted if your firearm/ammo malfunctions.
  • The only reshoots that will be granted (at the Range Officers discretion) will be ones due to timer/target failure.

Other General Rules:

  • The match director has the final say regarding any challenges to a score, procedure or rule. (This match has been designed to be a fun event, and every effort has been made to post the rules here. Bickering about the procedures or rules will not be tolerated)

For more info, email: cmzeeb (at) gmail (dot) com